2012: the COMIC

This series revolves around a teenager named Marty Ramon, who possesses an above-average level  of strength, and he decides to use this gift by becoming an amateur wrestler under the name “El Cochino”. After witnessing the death of his father, Speck, a secret agent, whose dying words to his son are a warning of an alien attack to come to Earth in the year 2012.

Marty continues his secret life as a wrestler, where at a wrestling event, his friends discover a powerful Teleportation Device that can teleport people across outer space, and quite possibly, teleport someone or something from outer space back here.

After the Teleportation Device is destroyed, Marty and his crew must find the pieces and put it back together in order to help some of his “Alien” friends get back home.

Will Marty and the Crew be able to fix the Teleportation Device, and send their friends back home, or will another faction come in and use the Device for more fiendish purposes.

find out in this new series by SlashMag COMICS