2012: the COMIC



In this issue, Marty and The Crew begin their last mission, to save Beastie and find the last part to the teleportation device. However, they must jump through hoops as The X Troop forces them to play along in a messed-up scavenger hunt to retrieve the rest of The Crew members, while being followed by Police, Punks, and possibly an Alien!

This issue is a classic throwback, or redux of the original 2012 Comic of the early 90’s, which very few people have read and only those who have read it will see the similarities. It is not essential to have read the old comics, there is a reason why some things are remade.

History is being changed, but is it for the better? What happens when you go back in time to change things? Are there repercussions? There will in fact be consequences for changing things around, and The Crew is on their way to finding out what those consequences are.





2012: the Comic


the FEAR

In the continuing story of 2012, the Crew is finally headed towards the Skate King to confront whatever mystery awaits them there. With warnings from Jeremy and The Shoplifter about ghosts inside, Marty and the rest of the Crew must be brave in the face of fear.

Meanwhile… the X Troop is going along with their plan. As Captain Skull builds the Teleportation Device, he has one group going to follow the Crew, and one group going to kidnap Ginger and Christine!

However, Christine is now known as JET, and she must conceal her identity in order to hide from the X Troop. And Calvin is trying to cheat on a test… CHEATER!!!





2012: the COMIC



In this issue, the first round of the Roller Games begins! A haunted roller rink run by a ghost has created a series of games to take place in order to win the trophy and a grand prize. The Crew needs to win each event in order to win the trophy that Beastie has told them to win.

The X Troop has infiltrated this roller rink and is also participating in the Roller Games in order to find the core and return it to headquarters. Meanwhile, Debbie and the Princesses of Pain have decided to take out their enemies on the rink.

Robo-Paul is sick of endlessly flying around. He finds a new target and it starts off with bloodshed immediately!

The Roller Games have begun and it’s time to see if Marty and The Crew have what it takes to win a game against ghost and The X Troop.





2012: the CORE


In the 26th issue of 2012, the roller games continue. The second round consists of a “Red Light – Green Light” race to the finish, where Marty and the crew must make the top ten or they are OUT of the competition, and they will not win the trophy. Debbie and her friends have agreed to help Marty, but little do they know that Rick and Cassandra are plotting to put an end to this alliance.

Stiletto and Robo-Paul have tracked down the power core in Sven-bot, and their final battle is about to ensue. What damage will they cause and who will die in the aftermath?!

The secret of the Gingers is revealed when their back is to the wall, and one of the gingers must make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save everyone!





2012: the TROPHY


In the conclusion to the Roller Games series, Marty and the crew must win a race to the finish line in order to win the Trophy that beastie wanted them to get instead of the core.

Marty is trying to find out what happened during his “missing time” but Debbie won’t talk about it. Meanwhile in another dimension, Jeremy and the Shoplifter try to bargain with a man from out of this world.

Now, there are two teen-wolves in the Roller games and they’re both out to get Marty and Debbie, while an evil crazy killing machine is on its way to destroy everyone.