Upon my search for more content to produce on my website, I have stumbled upon a GOLDMINE of BEDLAM CITY issues I had drawn in around 2007-2009 before I moved away to go to Art School. I even found some ME & FRED issues I was producing for a new series, AND I found the one and only episode of EGGBOY that I drew myself!

So as I am ready to print the one and only issue of the Bedlam City Comics series I started in 2002 and ended in 2006, I discovered 9 additional episodes I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT!!! This blew my mind, It was as if the minute I moved away to become an animator, I forgot about 9 comics books I had drawn. I haven’t even read them yet, I’ll wait for the reprint and read it along with anyone interested in reading it themselves, but these are definitely LOST EPISODES.

By the looks of the drawings (because I didn’t put a date on them) I believe in 2008-2009 I was also remaking ME & FRED, the style is way different, improved, but still sloppy but on purpose to give it that sloppy look of the original, but the shiniest gem of them all was the one and only EGGBOY that I drew (there was another but its still lost).

Today I will post ME & FRED, and make Thursday Aug 18 officially Me & Fred Day. I know I have any LEGAL right to declare today ANYTHING, but hell, there’s national doughnut day, national pancake day, why the hell not can I make Aug 18 Me & Fred Day?!?

Oh, because August 18th is National Fajita day, National Mail-Order Catalog day, and National Ice Cream Pie day? Well, It’s hard to compete with Fajitas and Ice Cream Pie, But ME & FRED is sure as shit way more fucking interesting than a Mail-Order Catalog, wouldn’t you agree?!?!?!

Enjoy Me & FRED

me and fred