2012: the DIRT SHEETS

This web comic takes place directly after 2012 #8 “the CHAMPION”, In which Marty (as The Madman) puts Chuckles the clown in a Pile Driver, and pins him to win the Bay Area All Pro Wrestling Championship, only to be stripped of it later that night because they found out he was underage. Marty was promptly fired and stripped of the title, therefore it directly goes to the runner-up, Chuckles.

Marty’s father and Chuckles go way back, as Chuckles mentions in 2012 #3 the BUSINESS, Marty refers to Chuckles as “Uncle Chuck”. They have been family friends for years, there were hopes that Marty and Cherry Grace (Chuckles oldest daughter) would get married, but they merely dated for a while back in Junior High School.

Christine has been in love with Marty forever, but she has been in Cherry’s shadow, and Cherry is so admired by the boys, she casts a pretty big shadow. Marty barely remembers Christine, but he has a thing for shorty, bitchy blondes.

Can Marty and Christine keep a secret relationship from their friends and family? if so, for how long until their dirty little secret is exposed.