2012: the COMIC


“the TEN”

In the continuing saga of REVENGE OF THE X TROOP, the plan moves along as Marty and the Crew learn the origins of both Beastie and the X Troop, along with an extraterrestrial enemy of the past. Things will finally start making sense when the truth is revealed.

Dr. Shock and his group continue using Paul to hunt down Robo-Paul, but things get a bit hairy when Paul takes advantage of pretending to be Sven in a Robot called Sven-Bot. He’s writing checks that the REAL Sven is gonna have to cash!

Inspector Malinski has one last chance to redeem himself and try to close his case. He is determined to get to the bottom of this everything and pull the rug out from everyone, and this is his last shot to prove himself and to prove that he is truly not insane.